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Hello and welcome to oblivicons. OUR ICONS ARE YOUR OBLIVION. Or something. (If you didn't get that, you're not a Nightwish fan.) Anyway.
This is a community that woundedllama and arctic_silence started to post our icons because it seems we make a lot of those and people use them. :P
Be forewarned that we absolutely despise icon trends (tiny text, templates other people make, everyone using the same brushes, etc.) It all seems rather uncreative and annoying to us (all of those icons look the same! Argh!) so you will only find stuff we pull out of our own asses, out of boredom.

Some common subjects are: Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen, The L Word, Katherine Moennig, horror movies, vintage pictures and Sonata Arctica but we make lots of random shit. Check the memories.

To see any of our icons you must join and be approved. You will be approved or rejected for membership usually within 24 hours, as we spend a lot of time on the internet. As a member you cannot post :P.

Other than that, credit us for all of our crap (unless we say you don't have to) or we'll beat you with your mom.
To credit someone for an icon, all you need to do is put the creator's username in the keywords or comments of the icon. (Go to manage, user pictures, edit your keywords)

We will also be organizing all of our icons in the memories section.

The end.